Section Leaders 

o   Academic Cardiology Section - Dr. Richard Lange
o   Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology Section
o   Cardio-Oncology Section - Dr. Juan Lopez-Mattei
o   Cardiovascular Training Section  - Dr. Greg Gerasimmon
o   Cardiovascular Management Section  - Dr. Matt Phillips
o   Cardiovascular Team Section – Dr. George Rodgers
o   Early Career Section  - Dr. Sam Raza and Dr. Jay Widmer (co-Chairs)
o   Electrophysiology Section - Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad and Dr. Kamala Tamirisa (co-Chairs)
o   Fellows in Training Section - Dr. Travis Haneke
o   Geriatric Cardiology Section - Dr. John Mulrow
o   Heart Failure and Transplant Section - Dr. Barry Trachtenberg
o   Imaging Section  - Dr. Faisal Nabi, FACC and Dr. Shaden Khalaf (co-Chairs)
o   Innovations and Social Media Section - Dr. Khurrum Khan and Dr. Kartik Argusula (co-Chairs)
o   International Center - Dr. Jeffrey Michel
o   Interventional Section - Dr. Timothy Mixon
o   Peripheral Vascular Disease Section - Dr. Steven Gigliotti
o   Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Section - Dr. William Campbell
o   Sports and Exercise Cardiology Section - Dr. Silvana Molossi
o   Surgeons’ Section
o   Women in Cardiology Section - Dr. Anjlee Mehta and Dr. Lakshmi Chebrolu (co-Chairs)