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I. National

a.       DonateLifeAmerica


b.       DonateLife America Annual Reports ( with donor designation scorecards, typically on the pages in mid 20s)

1.       2018:

2.       2017:

3.       2016:

4.       2015:



1.       U.S. Government Information on Organ Donation and Transplantation

2.       Organ Donor Statistics



d.       HHS-Organ Procurement and Transplant Network

1.       State Data: 1-Click on Texas, then 2-Click on Category, the best ones are a.) Waiting list Removals-then click on Removal Reasons by Year,  or Category Donors-then All Organ Types

2.       Main Web site

3.       OPTN Data


II. Texas

a.       DonateLifeTexas 

1.       DonateLifeTexas - Fun Facts

2.       DonateLifeTexas - How to register * “Interesting on this page it indicates your decision cannot be revoked by your family or next of kin.”


b.       Texas OPOs

1.       Southwest TexasAlliance

a.       STA: * interesting how on this page registering to become a donor is a legally binding contract that cannot be over-turned by a family member. 

2.       LifeGift 

3.       TOSCA - Texas Organ Sharing Alliance

c.       Societies:

1.       Texas Transplant Society

a. * on this page interesting
how it says does require authorization from family member if registered


2.       Texas Chapter of American College of Cardiology


3.       American Society of Transplantation



III. International

a.       Spain:



b.       France




c.       Austria



d.       Wales



e.       England

1. Organ donor law change named after Max and Keira

2.  Everyone in Britain will be an organ donor from 2020 unless they opt-out



IV. Opt-In vs Opt Out


a.       NYT: Making it Easier to Be an Organ Donor


b.       Do Defaults Save Lives


c.       Opt Out vs Opt In

d.       Organ Donation:  Opt Out vs Opt In

e.       Stanford: The Meaning of Defaults For Potential Organ Donors 


f.        The impact of presumed consent legislation oncadeveric organ donation: A cross-country study


g.       An international comparison of deceased and living organdonation/transplant rates in opt-in and opt-out systems: a panel study                               


h.       Science Daily: Do we Opt-in or Opt Out?

i.         Standford SPARQ'OptOut' Policies Increase Organ Donation